Wednesday, 15 May 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Star Trek Into Darkness

One word: tribble.

Yes! Finally, Star Trek Into Darkness - I think we've all waited enough of the 4 years to see this! Wow. To start my review I think I will say, if some fans were disappointed by he 2009's Star Trek and that it wasn't a giant fan fest, well, lets just say, you'd better watch this my friend. Star Trek Into Darkness gives the tie-ins, references and appearances you were asking for. That out the way, the story is excellent as well, the whole plot, the scenes and the action, but it definitely wasn't joking with 'Into Darkness'; this film doesn't really have as much humor as Star Trek but it has the odd quips and bits but its mostly a serious film, "that being said" long time fans will be smiling just because of whats happening. I have to say, there was a certain point where it looked as though it was going a certain way but then there was a certain scene with a certain unexpected person where it went back on track and I enjoyed every minute. Bennedict Cumberbatch of course was on top form, if anyone can play a villain its him; and then Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the other crew members were also superb and delivered well. So in the end Star Trek Into Darkness was what I think one of the best of the movies and I recommend it to fans of the whole franchise and new comers from 2009.

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