Sunday, 19 May 2013

OJ's TV Review - Doctor Who series 7

Enough with the mid-series breaks!!!

Well, well; series 7; the last series before the big 50th Anniversary - and it sure sets itself up. It starts off with The Doctor still visiting Amy and Rory Pond every now and again and taking them on a few adventures along with some new characters and some old. And then, after the emotional parting from his two companions he delves into the mystery of an impossible woman he keeps meeting (no, not River Song). So as far as the entire series as a whole goes, the Clara Oswald story-arc started off quite interesting but by early 2013 you just were tired of waiting; the individual episodes themselves, well, personally it was a bit of roller coaster; series 7 had some pretty good plots but also some really bad ones. Some of the episodes I myself didn't like were  Asylum of the Daleks, The Power of Three, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, and Nightmare in Silver. I just felt really disappointed after watching those, especially Nightmare as it sounded and looked really good but the execution just felt choppy and confusing. I did like some of the better episodes though like A Town Called Mercy, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, and Hide, which I enjoyed a lot. Now, for the finale; you may know me and Doctor Who finales haven't always seen eye-to-eye, the last 'good' finale I think was in 2006's series 2; so now this year I got to watch The Name of The Doctor - hmmm, yes; I actually enjoyed a good part of this episode; the throwbacks, the settings, the plot, but then you get to the final scenes and now after one big mystery is solved and you're out of breath from all the thinking you had to do, Steven Moffat slaps you round the face with John Hurt. That's all I'm going to say so I just hope on the anniversary I will be pleasantly surprised - so that's my thoughts and my next Doctor Who review will be on, well, 23rd November I suppose!

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