Thursday, 12 December 2013


Lets travel back and look at two similar but very different adaptions of The Time Machine!


In 1960 H.G. Wells' novel was adapted into a sci-fi movie staring Rod Taylor. In this movie our nameless time traveler goes centuries into the future and meets some very simple humans along some very eerie creatures, known as Morlocks. The film itself is like the usual 60's sci-fi, with effects, dialog, etc. But uses it quite well. THe landscape of this future is really in interesting, almost like a garden of Eden/ancient Greece kind of place. The Morlocks themselves are very creepy, in looks and demeanor. They are quite strong with long ghostly hair and glowing eyes; they walk slowly around caves and use whips! So this film is very interesting to watch, even though a 1960 movie.


In 2002 The Time Machine starred Guy Pierce who had a very different reason for traveling through time - as with most modern movies they had to have a dramatic romantic plot-line which sparks a now named main character to travel to far future. Here the simple humans are a little more complex and more tribal, but actually a little more boring. The scenery just looks like parts of Earth now but the soundtrack makes it epic. The Morlocks in this adaption are similar but updated making them scary, ape-like and very intimidating with them adding an actual single villain which wasn't particularly needed but adds some more story.


You know this one is very difficult for me, because I really like both. I'm afraid to say this really is a tie. Each are equally brilliant in different ways so I recommend a watch of both and tell be your thoughts.

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