Thursday, 26 December 2013

OJ's TV Review - Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor

Matt Smith battle's Daleks, Cybermen and his own demise in this years Christmas special!
So after four years of the Eleventh Doctor, his life eventually comes to an end. It's his 13th regeneration too so this really is the end for him. I quite enjoyed the episode actually, very entertaining, funny, and some sadness to balance it out.The Time of the Doctor also had the big job of wrapping up all the story arcs since series 5. Although I liked how they explained the whole arc of the Silence and the cracks, that was a nice surprise and the explanations were reasonable; I wasn't too fond of how they explained the individual story arcs from each series; the Pandorica thing from series 5 was a mere throw-away line, the entire series 6 drag was two lines of diaouge and series 7 was hardly mentioned! All in all though it was  great episode, a good send off to Matt, even though the last two I think were more emotional, this was really good with a cool cameo and then SUDDENLY: Capaldi. Yes, number 12 (or 13, or 14, depends on your view) appeared within a second and really only had 36 seconds of excellent screen time. I give this episode: TIME WELL SPENT.

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