Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OJ's Movie Review - The LEGO Movie

I haven't actually reviewed an animated movie in quite while, but how could I pass this one up?

I love LEGO, I've had it since I was very little, I love building things, usually just building them and never touching them again but I also played with the sets I had. So when I learnt that there was a LEGO movie coming out I was so pumped and ready for it that when the first trailer came out I just wanted to show everybody. And just a mere few hours ago I sat and watched the full film at the cinema. What can I say about a movie entirely based on an actual brand? Is it just a giant product ad? Well I think the urge to buy/play LEGO afterwards is just an added bonus. The LEGO Movie is some of the best animation I've ever seen, these things on screen look especially real, almost to the point where you're convinced that certain parts must be stop-motion (I still think bits are). Adding to the animation is of course the voice cast, with Chris Pratt leading (2014 seems to be his year as the main guy) and also Will Arnett whose work I've only seen in voice form in animated movies and then the big one: Morgan Freeman. All these guys do terrific work and the lines and jokes they come out with are fantastic. The storyline itself can seem a little slow at times but as a whole it's pretty solid, the last 30 mins especially is the best part. Oh and by the way, for the next week you'll have an awesome song going round your head! All in all I'D SEE IT AGAIN.

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