Thursday, 16 January 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Junk Head 1

A 30 minute short-film uploaded to YouTube - better than some big movies I've seen at the cinema.

So it's not a major feature film or anything (but hey it has an IMDB page) but I really had to review it Junk Head 1 is AWESOMNESS. because it's just an amazing piece of art. The creator if it, Takahide Hori, took four long years to make it because he has a full-time job so this was done on late nights, and busy weekends - but the work he has put into it is incredible. The basic plot is that in the distant future mankind begins research on clones that live underground in search of lost genetic information so they send one little guy deep below the surface. The film itself has very dark, atmospheric feel to it. The sounds, visuals and everything are all really eerie and creepy; and then some scenes are very thrilling and heart-racing. It's all surrounded in mystery as well, you never quite know what actually happened all those years ago and with the story you never know whats round the corner (literally). But it's not always dark, there's humorus scenes in it too, quite a good mix actually of humor, horror, and then some fun scenes too because the music is really cool. So I think for a 30 minute film created in four years
  After it was uploaded, Takahide set up a campaign for $100,000 to make a 60 minute sequel. If he gets that then he'll quit his job and work full-time on the Junk Head 2. Unfortuanatly it ends on Febuary 28th and the contributions arn't going up to high; but if you want to donate for the next Junk Head film then here's the link:

Watch the full film on YouTube thing HERE.

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