Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The OJ Reviews: 2014 UPDATE

It's 2014! Get ready for Godzilla, Peter Capaldi, and Vin Diesel as a tree! Last year The
OJ Reviews had a lot of changes throughout and most of which are it's social network sites. If you are on one of these sites then feel free to follow The OJ Reviews, here is a list:

  • Google+ - This is where you can find all the links to official reviews, extra reviews and also links to the other posts from the social networks.
  • Tumblr - The OJ Reviews on Tumblr gives you reviews of trailers, clips and announcements from the media world. Also posts pictures, gifs, videos, and stats.
  • Pinterest - One of the least used of the networks but here I post media pictures relating to The OJ Reviews or media in general.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Here you can find a collection of all my movie reviews!

So there are all the new extra OJ Reviews stuff but what about any changes to the main site? Well there will still be ORIGINAL VS REMAKES, and the usual 3 posts a month, but one new type of review will be OJ's Reviews, that's with an 's' at the end, because I will do a review of not just one thing but multiple things in one post; so it might be a movie trilogy, or a whole franchise, a book series, an entire TV Series or anything like that really - these reviews will come under the tag "Multiple".
  Another type of review will be OJ's Back In Time Review, where I will review considerably old media weather it be black & white movies, a really old game or similar things.

 Well I hope you enjoyed 2013 and all it brought but now look forward to another year of The OJ Reviews! Please join the site if you have Blogger, Google, or Yahoo and share with you friends if you like. Thanks anyway and see you soon!

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