Sunday, 12 January 2014

OJ's TV Review - Sherlock series 3

Dare I say?....... BEST SERIES EVER.

  Wow, Sherlock is back, I mean back! He jumped off a building, hit the ground and then he's just BACK. For two years the Internet has come up with 1000 different theories and then along came 'The Empty Hearse' and fandom imploded. The first episode of this series was excellent, it made fun of what people have said, it gave viewers it's own fan fiction and was just what BBC's Sherlock should be - funny as ever, thrilling as ever, enjoyable as ever, I mean they upped the stakes a bit in the first episode but boy was it good. Then along comes episode 2 and this just borders on stand-up comedy, 'The Sign of Three' is hilarious from beginning to end, it has crime scenes obviously, cases to solve and all that but not quite the way they've done it before which has seemed to split some fans but I enjoyed it. And then of course is the third and final one; 'His Last Vow', what can I say? At the time of writing this it's been less than 40 minutes since it finished and I'm still in shock. Every Sherlock series has a cliff-hanger and I was worried it would't quite stand up to the first two but this is equal, if not better. All in All series 3 was a brilliant ride; I love how everything links together, how each title references basically one line of an episode and just how it looks, the visuals, music, actors everything - pure genius. Sherlock's third run really is: AWESOMNESS!

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