Monday, 31 March 2014

OJ's TV Review - The Musketeers series 1

Yeah, the only reason I really watched this was because Peter Capaldi was in it.

The Musketeers is the BBC's latest gritty period drama starring mostly people I've never heard of. The trailers looked interesting though and I wanted to see some Capaldi acting before he shows up in Doctor Who later this year. To start off I really didnt like The Musketeers, I thought the first few episodes were kind of boring and Capaldi's Cardinal was by far the most intersting aspect of it; what suprised me though was about half way through the series it picked up tremendusly; episode 6 aired and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, all the episodes after that were also really entertaining. I dont know if it was the story arc unfolding or just the singular plots in general had gotten better but the latter half of the series was far superior to the beginning. I think I was expecting it to be like the 2011 movie which I really enjoyed but The Musketeers is its own thing and in the end was pretty fun to watch. As finales go the last episode was very good and we eventually got the "All for one..." line which showed how far the characters had come since episode one. In the end IT WAS OK+.

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