Thursday, 17 April 2014

OJ's BIT Review - The Valley of Gwangi

60s sci-fi with Cowboys vs Dinosaurs - whats not to love??

The Valley of Gwangi is an old western about about a guy, a girl, a circus and a valley. This is a film I enjoy watching, weather it's Harryhousen's special effects (this movie has some exellent stop-motion for it's time) or the cheesy acting, this film has a fun story from beginning to end. Some may say it's King Kong with a T-Rex which I see where they're comming from as it has some very similar scenes but it's different enough to enjoy without being reminded of Kong all throughout. The characters are fun to watch and give out some 60s cliche dialouge and the locations are pretty cool to see. After watching the movie you realise how many references the Jurassic Park series makes too it, I remember one or two bits where I thought 'hey, that's in Jurassic Park!' But all in all it's a brilliant pop culture film and definitly worth a watch, even if you just wanna see a Tyrannosaur fight an elephant. The Valley of Gwangi was TIME WELL SPENT.

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