Tuesday, 30 July 2013

OJ's Game Review - Test Subject

Well, this is my first review of a free online game you can play on your desktop browser.

 Test Subject is a series of platform games on the popular site Nitrome; the site has many games but few spawn sequels and even fewer have an entire trilogy and story. Test Subject is basically about some sort of living organism being tested through different obstacles and other organisms, its a pretty simple premise but can be quite challenging both to the mind and fingers! The story in itself is pretty good for a little internet game; a professor creates the organism and tests it but feels he is being watched until things start to happen and then there's kidnapping, and all sorts, so that was enjoyable to watch, and each level has something new and more difficult. The controls are simple and you get a slight upgrade in each game; the obstacles are fun to work out sometimes too, so it is definitely worth a try. The entire thing is split between 3 games and a bonus 2-player one, so go to www.nitrome.com and enjoy!

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