Friday, 2 August 2013


This Original VS Remake is all about Spider-Man from 2002 and The Amazing Spider-Man from 2012. Technically the later one isn't a remake but just a different adaption of the comics, but I'll refer to it as a remake


In 2002 we got a very superhero film, one of the first of it's kind with sci-fi, humor and action. Spider-Man was just a nerdy kid who was just leaving school and worked for a newspaper company. After a spider bite he becomes the guy who can climb walls, have superior strength and shoot web from his wrists. This was all pretty good; a nice family film we can all enjoy. I mean the villain wasn't too brilliant but the story seemed to go OK. Unfortunately many people didn't like the sequels, I myself didn't think they were too bad but eventually it killed the franchise, but the first movie I always think is a good watch.


Ten years later we get a new and improved version of Spider-Man, this time he is 'Amazing'. With updated Cinematic Technology and 3D this remake was pretty good. I felt it was more realistic and more funny. I like Andrew Garfield's take on it and enjoyed quite a few things about it - although this movie is not perfect. You can see my full review HERE.


I think Spider-Man is still a good movie now and doesn't seem out of place but The Amazing Spider-Man I enjoy more so for this Original VS Remake, the remake wins!

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