Thursday, 22 August 2013

The OJ Reviews 1st Anniversary

WELCOME to the first ever OJ Reviews Anniversary Post; these little things will be posted annually marking the day the website was created - each post will give you updates, stats, upcoming stuff and more!
  To start this thing off I'll give you a load of statistics about the website from the past 365 days!



Page views of all time - 4,604
Comments of all time - 7
Subscribers of all time - 5
Top three countries that visit the site:
  1. United Kingdom (1843)
  2. United States (1048)
  3. Germany (338)


First Post Ever - OJ Reviewing: Megamind (
Most Viewed Post Ever - ORIGINAL VS REMAKE - King Kong (
Longest Review Ever - Iron Man 3 (
Shortest Review Ever: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (

Changes to the Site

Now you've seen the stats and that it's still in the early stages, I'll tell so you some big changes that are coming up on The OJ Reviews.

  The description at the very top of the site that introduces everyone to what I do will change - I will completely redo that due to a better sounding intro and easier for translation into other languages. 

  Another bit of change will come to the right-hand bar. All of the little things on there will get a bit swapped around and changed, maybe some new stuff added and some stuff taken, but keep your eye out!

 Just another thing is the theme, possibly some color changes, maybe the title font and look will change, and some other bits and bobs.

Rating System

The biggest change I'm most looking forward to is the new rating system! Yes, originally I was just doing who I'd recommend it to but/and now I will be rating the things I review! How you ask? Well here is a little key:

10 = AWESOMENESS (Truly an awesome, well-made thing, I really enjoyed it)
9 = TIME WELL SPENT (There are better stuff but I didn't class reading/watching/playing this as a waste because I quite enjoyed it))
8 = I'D SEE IT AGAIN (If on TV, or a friend brought it round, I wouldn't mind but I wouldn't go out of my way for it - excludes some books & games.)
6-7 = IT WAS OK+ (It was alright but it had more good parts than bad)
4-5 = IT WAS OK- (It wasn't too bad but had more bad things than good)
3 = FAIL (Something that was hyped a lot, or tried to be something it wasn't or was just bad and a complete fail)
1-2 = SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN MADE (Can we just forget this thing ever existed? Why was this even made??)

Upcoming Stuff

Well, my next review as you probably know will be my favorite movie Jurassic Park, as I will be seeing it 3D at the cinema on Monday and then reviewing it straight after. After the month of August expect a lot of TV Series reviews including Falling Skies, Arrow, and the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D later on! On the movie front is obviously Thor: The Dark World, maybe RED 2, and Gravity. With games, you can look forward to Oddworld: Abe's Odysee (plus sequels) and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PC). Books, hmmmm, not particularly reading any at the moment but we'll see.

Shoutouts and the Thanks

Each year I think I'll thank everyone who have gone on The OJ Reviews and looked around, read my stuff and liked it. I'd like to thank my five only subscribers: LegoJT, pluckykelly, Lulu Newman, Georgia Newman, and Ethan Grierson. Ethan is a friend of mine and loves roller coasters and tech so you can check out his two websites:
So that's it. Thanks for all the views over the past year and I look forward to doing more reviews! Don't forget to subscribe, which you can by pressing one of the buttons down the right-hand bar and also visit some other sites The OJ Reviews are on:
 And don't forget, you can always comment on my posts in the comment section; if you want to debate, agree express a thought or ask for a shoutout.

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