Thursday, 24 October 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Captain Phillips

I think the tagline for this movie should definitely should have been CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Everything goin' be OK.

 So Captain Phillips is based of a true story of a man called Richard Phillips whose cargo ship he was on was boarded by Somali pirates and bad things happen. Now to start off with this film has an epic feel of realism too it; the shots and atmosphere of this film are just very real, it shows you engines of the giant ship humming which if you've been on a big ship you know you hear it or just the small rooms or the general feel of being out at sea. What I noticed as well, which I think added to the realism a lot was there wasnt much background music, at the beginning, and at the end and some other scenes it was just sound effects and dialogue which was really good. That just added to the amazing story this film documents of Captain Phillips and his run in with these four pirates - what I wasn't expecting is them to show a bit of back story to the pirates, it showed them right at the beginning in Africa and a glimpse of what their life is and what is generally what they do for work and why; not really in that kind of "these are also good guys too" way but it shows how everything happens. Now the whole film is 2 and a quarter hours so there are some slow bits in the middle but it still captivates you and the end of this film, wow, I heard it was one of Tom Hanks' best performances to date and I'd say so too. The final act of Captain Phillips is extremely intense and had my heart pumping for sure which rarely happens. So in the end this was a powerful film based on a true story and I give it the rating of TIME WELL SPENT.

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