Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Thor: The Dark World

It sure lives up to its title - a very dark film indeed.

So a year on since the Avengers assembled and Loki has been in prison while Thor is making peace in the Nine Realms while the Bifrost was being rebuilt. So after all that is explained in the first 10 minutes we get to the story line which revolves around a Dark Elf known as Malekith and his search/revenge plans. Christopher Eccleston did a very interesting role although after watching I think he didn't own it, other people could have done it as well, if not better. That didn't ruin it though as another, unexpected,  plot point revolves around Loki and the issues of trusting him which make for some very twisty and questionable scenes. I'd have to say I enjoyed the parts set on Earth more rather than in space for some reason, but all in all I liked how it looked although some elements I had seen before in other media. There were of course references to past films as the Tesseract got a mention as did New York. So my final thoughts are this: the special effects were great, the plot was ok but I've seen better, and all-in-all I have the same feel about it as the first, it didn't wow me but neither was I bored, it was just in the middle. I give it an OK+.
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