Friday, 22 November 2013

OJ's TV Review - An Adventure in Space and Time

An amazing docudrama about an amazing show.

An Adventure in Space and Time is written by Mark Gatiss whom Whovians will know to be part of the Doctor Who family as writer and actor in the show itself; it stars David Bradley playing William Hartnell, and wow it's a really good performance. He does a brilliant job as the first Doctor and all the actors do really look like the people they're playing and act like them too! And when that happens its really exciting to see them recreate iconic scenes, so all of that is really fun to see. Also the story itself is really interesting, I mean I know its dramatized a bit, but this really shows the struggle to get Doctor Who successful and through the hard work Verity Lambert and all that she does. Its also really cool to spot the cameos and references, when two people are talking and in the background you see an old Dalek or an original alien from the 60's episodes. So that was really fun and who'd have ever thought you'd see a Cyberman smoke? All in all this docudrama was out of this world (pun intended) and certainly gets 10 out of 10: AWESOMENESS.

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