Sunday, 24 November 2013

OJ's Review - Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor


Here it is! We've waited 50 years and finally we have the amazing anniversary special.
At the end of series 7 I was weary about the John Hurt thing but now I'm OK with it and it worked really well for the story, other things I was scared about turned out to be fine too, all in all I loved the story and how it went, from beginning to end I enjoyed the whole thing. The humor was great too, the way the three Doctors bounce off each other and make fun of each other is great. The references are great, I mean not just the Zygons from the classic series but little words, sentences and pictures you can spot which you know exactly what they're talking about. The special effects were great too, some of the best I've seen in Doctor Who and just the whole way they did it, using the opening titles from the 60's to having the actors names up in the beginning like a movie and even using Who music from the Russel T. Davis era. I think The Day of the Doctor is... AWESOMNESS

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